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We chose Brenda Rottkamp purely because she sold a nearby property in our area very quickly.

We asked her to call and evaluate our home and discuss selling tactics. We found her extremely efficient and helpful in all aspects of the sale. Her valuation was spot on, we put it on the market at the price she recommended, and she was able to obtain that price in full. We would highly recommend her. She was very helpful in solving problems that came up on the building inspection along with her husband Jake. We would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone. Not just because you got us a sale but for all your expertise, friendliness and efficiency. Thank you

Shelia & Barry – Client Shamrock Lakes, Cape Coral, FL – February 2017

When we entered the open house, Brenda immediately greeted us with a friendly smile and "Hello.

" She let us look around and when we approached her with a few questions, she was very knowledgeable. She just felt right. Throughout the process, Brenda made us feel like we were part of her family. She was always there to answer any of our questions. We have found a new friend.

Cath & Dave – Client in Oshkosh, WI – March 2017

I am glad that you are a great Realtor and easy to work with

Ken. B – Realtor April 2016

Brenda Rottkamp is an excellent agent for your company.

There was not a moment that we unsure or felt that our questions and best interest were not in good hands. 5 star rating across the board. As a final note her help has continued past the sale which says a lot about her.

Bob & Bonita – Client Cape Coral – Jan 2020

I don't know too much about Century 21 cause the only person I talked with at Century 21 is Brenda Rottkamp and I can tell you she goes on and above to serve her clients.

Brenda worked hard with me to make sure I found the exact property I was looking for with the budget that I had. Thanks again Brenda.

Steve P - Client Cape Coral – October 2018

She was excellent - knew our neighborhood, gave great advice for improvements - always available.

We are the ones who benefited from your expertise.

BJ & Dixie – Client Shamrock Lakes, Cape Coral, FL- June 2017

Brenda was one of the best Agent that I have worked with in Florida!

She is there to answer questions and help you in any way she can and that means a lot when you’re buying property.

Steve – Client Cape Coral, Fl – December 2015

Brenda listened attentively to what I did and did not like in houses that we viewed, and on the third morning took me to the house I ended up buying!

It was so amazing how she worked late to get the perfect viewing set up!

Anthony – Client in Cape Coral, FL – April 2015

You brought my beautiful home into my life.

It’s been amazing. And a good investment, as you said it would be.

Justine – Client Victoria, BC - October 2020

I remember that you were very friendly, easy to talk to, and so genuine - I'm sure you will be successful and build your business in no time!

We enjoyed our time with both of you, and found you very helpful and patient - because we had no idea what the heck we were doing or what we wanted!

Maureen – Client in Victoria, BC – July 6, 2014

Brenda is a very dedicated, committed and loyal associate.

She puts her employer first and serves her clients with the utmost of honesty, loyalty and integrity. Brenda has excellent computer skills and steps forward when her knowledge and experience is called upon. Highly recommended when working with buyers and sellers.

John – Manager at Saanich Peninsula Realty, Victoria BC - June 29, 2014

Brenda was always available, resourceful, attentive, knowledgeable and friendly.

She made us feel very confident during the purchase of our home.

Bill & Rita – Client in Cape Coral, FL – August 2018

Brenda has many wonderful characteristics as a Real Estate Agent but what most attracted me was the following set of traits.

She is very personable, gave me as much time as she can she is very honest, not pushy at all she took interest in all properties she showed me she pays attention to details she shared her feelings about the properties she showed me but left the decision in my hands she is very knowledgeable about the local house market and if she didn't have some information about a property, she would research and always get back to me with the information very responsive in getting back to me with questions/concerns and on very timely basis and finally, but not the least important :), she took such interest in finding the right property for me that I had the feelings in many instances, she was looking for a property :). Thank you, Brenda for your dedication, kindness, thoughtfulness, knowledge, honesty and hard work in finding my beautiful house!

Elena - Client Fort Myers – May 2019

It was a real joy working with you.

Jay A. – Realtor – June 2017

We have bought/sold 4 - 5 properties with Brenda as our agent.

Brenda was always attentive to our needs, available and on time. Researched and provided information we requested in a timely and efficient manner. Very pleasant to all parties involved in the buying/selling transaction.

Diane – Client in Victoria, BC - July 3, 2014

Over the river and through the woods from way up North to finding our retirement paradise down South this Realtor knows what she is doing.

I have never seen such dedication. Brenda is thorough, detail oriented, and demonstrates a passion for her profession. She was easy to contact and quick to respond to any question we had for her. Although we met in person by chance when we attended an Open House, that quickly lead to a close relationship of TRUST. We knew exactly what we were getting when we bought our home in Cape Coral with only seeing it from pictures on line and from our eyes in the South. We love it and we love your commitment to finding us our home away from home. We couldn't be more thankful and appreciative! Thank you, Brenda!

Carla – Client in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - August 11, 2014

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